About us

The Establishment „Socrates’ Folk School” was founded in 2007. We have several activities to introduce the miracle of forgiveness and love to people in Latvia:

1. We organize training activities: In evenings of each working day, a variety of workshops and lectures take place. The aim of these training activities is to introduce people with the power of forgiveness and love, to help people understand themselves, their life and things that happen in their life. For the given moment, the Socrates’ Folk School provide 59 workshops. The total number of trainers is 32. The workshops are attended by approx. 5200 people a year (on average, 20-30 people every evening per working week).

2. The Socrates’ Folk School has been developing a multilevel educational programme „The Thinker” (at the present moment, 3 levels are ready). Target group: Adults who have understood the necessity of spiritual development and want to continue their way of spiritual growth by becoming THE THINKERS, and in the future – the teachers of life understanding. Aim: To facilitate deep understanding about the mission of life, processes and events that occur in the world, as well as learn practical steps to forgiveness, love, thinking, and analysing different opinions of life understanding by understanding oneself and passing on one’s knowledge and providing practical assistance to people.

3. We have published 5 books in the book series „The Teaching of Forgiveness”. At the moment, the 5th book is being written „Philosophy of the Body”, its aim is to teach people solve their health problems with the help of forgiveness and love. The 1st book of forgiveness demonstrates the basics of forgiveness by shortly explaining the essence of life, causes of diseases, and the wonderful power of forgiveness. The 2nd book of forgiveness is dedicated to “the disease of the modern age” – depression. This book studies the Divine laws and causes of the stress, it shows the way how to overcome stress with forgiveness and love, and demonstrates methods that help to learn what the life’s lessons are. The 3rd book of forgiveness is dedicated to better understanding of the Devine world, the sense of life, and the man’s mission with the help of Avatar Sri Satja Sai Baba teachings. The 4th book of forgiveness is dedicated to one form of Love – erotic love. Its aim is to help people make happy marriage.

4. We have published 2 CDs for spiritual practice: CD 1 for spiritual practice in teaching of forgiveness „Meditation for Stress Relief” is a practical guide for stress relief and renewing inner harmony in stress situations and in cases of disease. CD 2 for spiritual practice in teaching of forgiveness „Winter Solstice Forgiveness Meditation” is a practical guide to forgive the offence to others and oneself.

5. The Socrates’ Folk School is developing Self-Awareness and Harmonization Park. Aim of the park development is to help people get to know themselves, giving them opportunity to understand reasons of their problems, stress and negative character features, and to improve their life quality with the help of positive thinking – forgiveness and love, as well as with the Latvian signs and healing powers of nature. The objects in the Park of Self-Understanding and Harmony carry the information how to forgive, to open one’s heart to love, and to develop one’s positive characteristics through praying and rituals.

6. The Socrates’ Folk School has created the internet portal domatajs.lv (in English – the thinker) which explains how the Divine laws of nature work in the human life, looks at possibilities to understand oneself, to develop spiritually and help others and oneself with forgiveness and love. The portal discusses a variety of ways for self-development, it listens to life stories and opinions, discusses happenings in the society, and informs about workshops of spiritual development, events, camps, books, and travelling that can help people find harmony within them and live a fulfilled life.

Our strategy

In Latvia, we will continue to develop educational programmes involving creative and unselfish trainers; we will continue to develop the Park of Self-Understanding and Harmony which is a unique object in the world; we will continue to publish new books in the series „The Teaching of Forgiveness”, CDs for spiritual practice in the teaching of forgiveness; we will continue to develop the portal domatajs.lv; we are planning to create social enterprises which would function on the basis of the Divine laws and human values helping people find work. In order to tell about our activities across the boarders of Latvia, so that other people could learn from our experience, we are looking to funding and are planning to take part in international projects. As soon as we have financial resources, we are planning to publish the books in the series “The Teaching of Forgiveness” in English, Russian and other languages and to publish CDs for spiritual practice in the teaching of forgiveness, as well as translate the information in the portal domatajs.lv in Russian and English. We are planning to actively inform about the Park of Self-Understanding and Harmony via tourism agencies.